The Recovered Records project began life on May 5th, 2018, when I found a strange CD in one of those boxes of old crap that isn't quite trash, but might as well be. The cover art struck me, and I took it home. The music caught my fancy, so I decided to do some research on the artists that made it - and to my surprise, found almost nothing. Curious, I posted a thread on 4chan's /mu/ board (a vile place, stay away) and asked if anyone knew anything - nobody did. So, at their behest, I decided to upload it to YouTube for people to listen to. It's reception was lukewarm, but many people were excited that it had been discovered in the first place - myself among them. Because of this, I decided to start the Wanderer Archive - a YouTube channel dedicated to "music I can't find anywhere else."

However, as the archive began to swell in size and I began to more actively persue things to add to it - rather than happening upon them by chance - I felt that a rebrand was due. So on January 28th, after a long hiatus of not updating the old website (viewable here) I decided that it was time for a "reboot" of sorts. And so, Recovered Records was born. The scope of the project has expanded, as has it's goals.

And now you're here.